Produced by Escofet 1886 in Barcelona, 2013
Designed with Martín Caneda

Delta'13 Awards Selection
36th International Edition of the Best Product Design of ADI-FAD
Finalist DesignEuropa 2016

The Raval bicycle rack addresses the new urban mobility criteria now applied in big cities. Named after the famous Barcelona quarter, Raval is a slim yet sturdy urban bike rack. Based on the inverted “U” concept, it features 3 main locking points for 2 bikes.

This rack reformulates a consolidated product on the basis of UHPC technology,  the concrete ensures a long lifespan and a safe point to lock the bike for the ever growing urban cyclist community. Its properties permit minimum thickness yet excellent structural resistance and improved erosion and rain resistance. The triangular section and internal stainless steel reinforcement of this product optimize its bend and impact resistance.


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